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Information and Communication Technology 

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We are a law firm specialized for ICT legal matters 

While several years ago the ICT sector in North Macedonia was only 2-3 % of the national GDP, in recent years, the information and communication technology sector in North Macedonia is worth around  8 percent of the country’s GDPThese numbers demonstrate that no industry in North Macedonia has seen such rapid growth as the ICT industry. There is a great number of investors, entrepreneur software developers, who come to North Macedonia and look into the ICT talent pool.

Along this way, these software entrepreneurs need legal help that is specialized and experienced to make it work. Our law office is determined to offer these investors and the ICT clients who come in North Macedonia, tailor-made service. What we offer to the software startups in North Macedonia, as well as other IT companies, is specialized legal knowledge of the ICT industry needs.

At Lalicic & Boskiski Law Office from Skopje, North Macedonia, we combine legal expertise with relevant experience to deliver real solutions to legal. We solve these commercial issues with a focus on the details in this key industry sector.

Our innovative approach to legal services allows our clients, to effectively manage the risks of any transaction as well as the costs they may incur.

We have done this a lot of times and for a number of clients, and we can assure you that you can focus on your real work, and leave the paperwork for us.  


We know how to do this for you.

The ICT entities in North Macedonia, usually go by the same path in their first phase. They need to establish the company, open the bank account, draft the internal regulation. For our office, this complex process is simplified to the level that will help you to start with your business much sooner. We have done this before for clients that are in a similar process as you are, and now we feel confident about it.

The usual steps until your work starts, are the following:

The Company Incorporation

We start with the incorporation of your company here. Once we have that, we can move to the other steps.

The Bank Account

Once we have the company registered, we will assist you with the bank account opening. 

The Rent Agreement

As soon as you have the office for your company, we will review or draft the lease agreement for you.


We will help you fulfill the national GDPR requirements.

The Employment Agreement

We will prepare the employment agreement template.


We will be available for necessary legal consultations. 

The Company Internal Regulation

We will draft the company bylaws and other internal regulations.

The IP rights

We will register your trademark and make sure your other IP is protected.

If you want to read more about the ICT industry in North Macedonia, please visit the following link.

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